SPS Talk

Physicians Learning from Events: A Key Development Opportunity

April 11, 2018

In this 7-minute podcast, Dr. Anu Subramony, the Chief Quality Officer for Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY and Vice President for Quality and Safety for Pediatric Services at Northwell Health, shares how in her role she has had the greatest opportunity to listen to frontline staff when they are most vulnerable, when they are describing the events around a deviation or safety event that they were involved in. Dr. Anu Subramony quoted, “These conversations are extremely raw and revealing.”

When a safety event has occurred, obtaining the facts—via a debrief or series of one-on-one interviews—and understanding the scenario is paramount to crafting corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. On the podcast, Dr. Subramony highlights key methods she uses at her hospital to conduct effective debriefs that destress the discussions and prepare and support the staff involved. 

Dr. Subramony quoted, “As a physician lead, it is it our job not only to follow a strict RCA process and develop key corrective actions, but also to lead with the heart; be tolerant of people’s emotions, whether it is sadness, remorse or anger; be understanding; be calm; be forthright; and be honest as it relates to these conversations.”

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