SPS Talk

The Important Role Physicians Play in Error Prevention Training

June 18, 2018

In this 8-minute podcast, Dr. Diane Heatley, a pediatric otolaryngologist and the Medical Director of UW Health - American Family Children’s Hospital, shares that by the time her hospital within a system was a year into their SPS journey, it became clear that they wouldn’t be successful with their HAC work unless they also started to get a handle on their culture.

Her team attended error prevention training and reassembled the SPS course into something that they thought would resonate at home. As a result of focus group feedback, the hospital asked physicians to co-lead the course and found all of the hospital’s physicians were supportive of the concept of working on the hospital’s safety culture. Not only was it easy for the hospital to find willing and interested individuals, involving physicians in the training made the safety message so much stronger.

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