SPS Talk

The Safety Journey: Leaders Building and Sustaining Momentum

May 6, 2019

We encourage you to listen to this 8-minute podcast with Dr. Amrit Gill, the Patient Safety Officer for Cleveland Clinic Children’s. On this podcast, Dr. Gill highlighted the important role of physicians in keeping the safety momentum moving forward. One way that she recommends doing this is by celebrating successes. Additionally, she encouraged physician leaders to see challenges and setbacks as a learning opportunity by sharing lessons learned. She shared the role of physician leaders in closing the loop with staff by talking about how they are working to resolve issues from past safety rounds as well as assigning owners to new problems.  Additionally, she remarked that there is immense power in storytelling—these stories motivate and re-energize the listeners to continue to work towards making things safer. She encouraged physicians to set goals and make plans so that we can “together keep our patients safe.”

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